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Black Eurofighter Typhoon EF2000 (RC) Electric Powered (EP) Ducted Fan Jet
Item Number: AA-Je-p150702
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Price: $ 302.36

Product Description

Overview & Gallery  
Take a look at this Aircraft 
This is the Euro fighter Typhoon which comes in a perfect scale design of the well known military twin-engine, stealth canard-delta wing, multirole aircraft.
This model comes in dense Foam with a large air inlet under the cockpit and double outlets at the back equipped with a powerful in-runner motor.  
large Inlet for maximum air intake 


The aircraft comes with a beautifully designed airframe and wings which are all pre-painted in realistic looking army colors that will offer a breathtaking appearance in flight. 
It also features canards that are also used for stability. 
The frame structure has also been worked out to accuracy with contour details showing up on the fuselage and wings. 
Beautifully designed and factory pre-painted for a more appealing appearance.

Assembly only takes a few hours as most of the work has already been done for you. The photo-illustrated step-by-step instruction manual will walk you through the building process including setting up of the aircraft and preflight check up instructions.

Flight Controls and Performance
 This Euro fighter Typhoon comes with Elevons (Elevator and Ailerons combined) and Rudder controls. This provides for complete control in flight, especially when making turns by first banking then adding up elevator coupled with rudder to keep the aircraft perfectly horizontal during these turns. And as you might have guessed, advanced maneuverability is the ultimate result. 
Aircraft comes with stability canards and perfect canopy


 Check out the other great features below 

Key Features

1. Dense Foam Constructed aircraft
2. Full Elevons and Rudder Controls
3. Large air intake for maximum performance
4. Low wing loading
Ready for the Next Mission! 

  Rudder Controls for total control of the aircraft 

 large air outlet for maximum forward thrust.


 Powerful in runner motor with cooling system for maximum heat dissipation 

 Another Great Plane from 

Product Specifications

Power Source Electric
Status RTF
Function Fighter
Wing Span 648mm
Weight 650g
Height 242mm
Airfoil Asymmetric
Radio Any
Power System EDF
Flying Speed 55-130
Battery 11.1V
Servo 3Micro


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